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As funny as it sounds, the album 'PRESTO' will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2020.  So I decided to take another listen to that classic album.  All those amazing collaborations with so many of my favorite 80s artists.  I mean c'mon, this album is screaming for a Deluxe Edition.  So I am happy to say that all new remixes have been created for every song on the album.  The album is currently available for preorder on CD (but wont be released until February 2020) but you can check out the track listing.  Its pretty hot if I say so myself.  The CD also includes songs that were not officialy released the first time around.  Fans will recognize them right away.  Also, in Spring / Summer 2020 there will be a crowd funding campaign to launch the release of 'PRESTO' on limited edition red vinyl.


Bylli Crayone's independent record label Funusual Records has been active since 2005.  The label has gone on to release not only the music of Bylli Crayone but also music by other indie artists worldwide including SonChild, KC Jordan, Melody and various others.  Not to mention the label also worked with and released music by well known artists of the 80s including Debbie Gibson, Nu Shooz and Musical Youth.   Many of the Funusual releases have been released digitally worldwide and in various physical formats as well including in the Unites States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland and Japan.


I have never looked at myself as a Freestyle artist.  I am a dance music artist that happens to have some freestyle to my credit.  In fact, my very first song 'Girl Hang It Up!'from 1991 is what launched me and it was a freestyle dance track.  To this day, I still wonder... Was it a Blessing or a Curse?  I mean, I have a lot of haters within the Freestyle Community and I laugh them off.  Like I said, I'm NOT a freestyle artist.  So, several months back a fan of mine suggested I release a Freestyle album.  I was like NAH.  But then after being verbally attacked by Stevie B, I decided 'What the Hell?'. Why not?  So I went with it and released 200 copies of a limited edition CD called 'BECAUSE I CAN'.  Mainly because he was telling me I couldnt, yeah right. fuck him!  Anyhow, they sold out within a week.  To think, I released that as a joke.  Well, months have come and gone since they sold out and people are still asking for it.  So I have decided to give the album an official release for the fans. Another 500 copies being pressed and it will also be available digitally.  Release date is October 21st, 2019.  

Sorry everyone, but the Limited Edition UK yellow vinyl pressing of 'DREAM TO REALITY' Sold Out during preorder.  It truly was a Dream to Reality for me because all my life I wanted to release an album on vinyl.  Well, yeah 'Green' came out on vinyl but I wanted music from my back catalog 1991 onward on vinyl too.  So 9 of my favorite songs from over the years were newly remixed for this special release.  I'm just super surprised they sold out during preorder.  Not bad for a web exclusive.  Thanks.

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